Prevailing-Torque Locknut

The ST-LOC® Prevailing-Torque Locknut features positive thread deflection on two sides at the top of the nut, providing for secure, vibration-resistant fastening of nut to bolt. These locknuts are available in American Standard and Metric, hex-finished, jam, heavy, hi, square, acorn, weld, track, and flange nuts. For special applications, ST-LOC locknuts are available in special light or heavy torque versions.

Steel Grade 2-5-8, 2H/DH, Monel, brass, bronze, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel


UNC, UNF or 8UN Series, Class 2B, 3B, left-hand thread, and Metric


Plain, zinc, cadmium, mechanically galvanized, and other platings and coatings