Prevailing-Torque Locknut

The unique design of the COLUMBIAN Locknut allows the optional positioning of the slotted locking element to be placed on the side of this locknut in order to create frictional thread interference where it is most needed. COLUMBIAN Prevailing-Torque Locknuts are available in American Standard and Metric, hex-finished, jam, heavy, hi, square, acorn, weld, track, and flange nuts. For special applications, COLUMBIAN locknuts are available in special light or heavy torque versions.


Steel Grade 2-5-8, 2H/DH, Monel, brass, bronze, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel


UNC, UNF or 8UN Series, Class 2B, 3B, left-hand thread, and Metric


Plain, zinc, cadmium, mechanically galvanized, and other platings and coatings