ANCO® PN-LOC®: The Original Structural Locknut

Posted on September 28th, 2016 by vapro

The ANCO® PN-LOC® is our proprietary, all metal, self-locking nut that features a stainless steel ratchet pin. Coupled with a unique controlled lock indention, this non-breakable ratchet pin limits damage to bolt threads, and the removal of galvanizing while ensuring consistent locking torque. This is the nut upon which we built our reputation.


All metal self-locking nut with a stainless steel ratchet pin.

Available in American Standard and Metric; Hex finished and heavy nuts.

  • Patented, Non-breakable Stainless Steel Pin
  • Limits the removal of galvanizing and damage to bolt threads.
  • Unique controlled lock indention ensures consistent locking torque
  • Available in METRIC Sizes

Available In

American standard and Metric Hex Finished Nuts and Heavy Nuts


Steel grade 2-5-8, 2H/DH and stainless steel


UNC, UNF or 8UN Series, Class 2B, 3B, Left Hand Thread and Metric


Plain, zinc, cadmium, hot dip galvanized, and Xylan/Tefl on, as well as other platings and coatings

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