Posted on April 21st, 2022 by DShimek

We manufacture and stock the galvanized locknuts you need.

Lok-Mor manufactures and stocks three types of hot-dip galvanized (HDG) locknuts, for applications that demand highly corrosion resistant performance. These three distinct locknut designs are offered in a wide range of sizes and grades, from ¼” to 3”, in American standard, metric and machine screw sizes.

The galvanized version of the original, self-locking, all metal, structural locknut. Non-breakable ratchet pin limits the removal of galvanizing while ensuring consistent locking torque.


The economical, all metal, prevailing torque, triple locknut in HDG finish. Available in a six deflection pattern.


The easy-to-install, galvanized, nylon insert locknut. Prevailing torque design with nylon locking element to minimize thread damage. Available in sizes up to 6”.


Plus Galvanized Jam Nuts for Any Need
We also make HDG Jam Nuts for any application where a second free-spinning galvanized locknut is desired.

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