Oil and Gas Applications

Posted on April 21st, 2023 by DShimek

Locknuts for Oil and Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry presents significant fastening challenges. Conditions such as heat and corrosion can be problematic for the life of fasteners. However, the most prominent of these challenges is vibration. Much of the equipment used in this industry generates significant vibration, whether engines, compressors, manifolds, or various rotating equipment. In addition, many of the facilities involved in oil and gas drilling, production, distribution, and refining are inherently high-vibration environments.

The Locknut Solution to Vibration

For over 40 years, Lok-Mor locknuts have been successfully used in a wide range of high-vibration applications in the oil and gas industry. Developed to meet the needs of its customer base, the Lok-Mor product line includes a broad selection of locknuts, including a number of free-spinning and prevailing torque designs.

Lok-Mor locknuts are available in an assortment of materials in order to best match the material of construction with the demands of the application – Monel, brass, bronze, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Other, more exotic alloys can also be specified. Coatings for these locknuts can also be specified, with common coatings including zinc, cadmium, hot dip galvanized, and Xylan/Teflon. More exotic coatings and platings are also available through Lok-Mor.

Finally, all Lok-Mor locknuts are available in a choice of American Standard or metric sizes.

ANCO® PN-LOC® — The Original Structural Locknut

Anco Glavanized Locknut

The ANCO® PN-LOC® is Lok-Mor’s proprietary, all metal, self-locking nut. The ANCO PN-LOC features an unbreakable stainless steel ratchet pin, which is coupled with its unique controlled lock indentation. This design limits damage to bolt threads and ensures consistent locking torque. Available in Steel grade 2-5-8, 2H/DH, and stainless steel with UNC, UNF or 8UN Series, Class 2B, 3B, left-hand, and metric threads, the Lok-Mor ANCO PN-LOC  has proven its value to the oil and gas industry over decades of reliable service.

For more information on Lok-Mor’s broad selection of locknuts for oil and gas applications, please call 800-843-7230 or email us at [email protected].

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