ANCO®PN-LOC®: The Original Structural Locknut

Featuring a patented, non-breakable stainless steel ratchet pin, this all-metal, self-locking nut has long been the industry standard for structural locknuts. The key to its unmatched performance is found in its unique controlled-lock indentation and stainless steel ratchet pin. The coupling of the ratchet pin with the indentation limits damage to bolt threads and reduces the removal of the galvanized surface. While protecting the threads and surface of the bolt, this same coupling ensures consistent locking torque.

The ANCO® PN-LOC® is available in American Standard and Metric sizes; hex-finished and heavy nuts. Lok-Mor manufactures finished-pattern ANCO PN LOC nuts starting at 1/2”, with heavy nuts starting at 3/8”.

Features of this leading locknut include:

  • Patented, non-breakable stainless steel pin
  • Limited removal of the galvanized surface and damage to bolt threads when locking
  • Unique controlled lock indentation for consistent locking torque

Steel grade 2-5-8, 2H/DH and stainless steel


UNC, UNF or 8UN series, Class 2B, 3B, left-hand thread, and Metric


Plain, zinc, cadmium, hot dip galvanized, and Xylan/Teflon, as well as other platings and coatings